Creation of international partnership in business

Our specialists will conduct work to find, establish contacts and negotiations both on business correspondence, and by telephone and personal negotiations. We organize events, business missions and forums on topics of interest to you.

Let's find partners for you

To look for partners, we use the sources of our companies, government resources and personal sources of data from our agents and representatives.
We organize events, business missions and forums
We organize events that will attract the target audience. Your company or product will receive a lot of interest, which will improve the image of your business.
Negotiations with your partners
Negotiations are by our specialists who are oriented to the needs of the target country, understand the specifics of doing business and speak the local language.

In services, the Middle East recorded the highest export growth for the fourth consecutive year, thanks to its thriving air transport sector, tourism and IT services. However, in the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Africa, exports of all services categories plunged. African economies recorded a sharp decline in services imports as falling energy prices cut revenues of oil exporters in the region, reducing their capacity to buy services from abroad.

Fragment from the World Trade Statistical Review

The economic situation in the region of the Middle East and Africa is changing, it opens the market of the region, which is able to accept the import of goods and services or to sell its goods at a low price.