We believe that the desire for progress in society, science and culture — the key values of modern society. Applying our experience, energy and passion, we help to develop the business and technology of our customers.

BashISO was established in 2016 as a certification center for goods and services. Our team worked under the partnership «Quality Assurance», which unites more than 30 certification centers, laboratories and certification bodies in the territory of the Customs Union.

The strategy of our Company has always been built on two pillars: the creation and maintenance of loyal relations with our customers and quality work that is carried out professionally!

The great demand for exports from Russia created a new work for our team. Therefore, our specialists began to find products for foreign customers in Russia. After this work, we gained experience in the field of international cooperation. Successful transactions that we conducted helped us to find regular customers.

Today, the BashISO team helps companies not only to obtain certification and implementation of ISO standards at enterprises, but also helps in financial consulting and foreign economic activities. Our company has partners and clients both in Russia and outside the Eurasian Union.